Memorial Cleaning

Memorial Cleaning

The appearance of a memorial to a loved one is very important to friends and relatives of a lost loved one. Regular visits where flowers and keep sakes are placed and changed, will often be accompanied by gentle wiping down and cleaning of the top, base and surface of the memorial. Over time more expert advice or help may be required, and we are here.

With all our granite memorials, they are made to highest standard and are very sturdy. After a number of years, being exposed to the elements, it is sometimes desirable to have a professional machine clean or polish carried-out by ourselves.

Depending on the finish and style of the headstone, this can be anywhere between 5 and 10 years before it is necessary – it depends on position, the elements and a number of other factors. We will, of course, advise on what you should and should not attempt to clean your chosen memorial with, we are here always with impartial advice.

The headstone may be 50 years old or 5 years old and supplied by another stonemason. Some headstones are more open to staining or mould.

We are willing to attend and help in any way that we can. In our services we can repair or improve on lettering, re-fixing and anything that you may require. Low cost insurance policies, also, can help put your mind at ease over the future of your memorial.

Please contact us for anything to do with restoration, protection or longevity of your memorial.

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