Headstone Alterations

Headstone Alterations

The most common reason for additional inscription is for shared burial plots. Ayrshire Memorials routinely attend and carry out this work, matching any font style and size and seamlessly adjusting memorials.

We also have the skills and the experience to make adjustments to any part of a memorial, as outlined in other services. Always we will use the utmost care, we will match and seamlessly restore lettering, or repair and clean to make almost any memorial look new.

  • Cleaning with hi pressure water blaster, sand blasting or gentle acid washing (correct to type of stone) bringing memorial to original state
  • Reguilding using old fashioned methods and gold leaf we can restore the lettering to look ‘as new’.
  • Additional inscriptions to match the lettering and the existing headstone. Specializing in gold leaf or any other color required, our methods are long lasting.
  • New inscription in any font style, we have an extensive range of religious designs also, as many wish to add to memorials periodically.
  • Add Photographs what is a fairly new but common request. We can add in many sizes to provide long lasting proven results.

As with all services, we encourage you to contact us to discuss each individual service.

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